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Reiki I & II


Now Forming!!2 day intensive

For questions and more info contact Cris-Anne  @
Spa Londonderry

Are you interested in the natural healing arts? Are you highly sensitive to your surroundings? Take on the energy around you? Or perhaps you are just plain curious.


Reiki is the perfect Segway in understanding and gaining tools for life to not only help yourself but those around you as well.


Are you in the health or wellness industry or looking to add another modality to your toolbox?


Join Crisanne for one on one training or intimate group setting



In this all weekend intensive all attunements are given. All information and techniques will be covered including


• The origin and history of Reiki

• The Reiki hand positions

• Using Reiki for specific conditions

• The Reiki symbols and how to use them

• Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits

• Distant healing

• Japanese Reiki techniques

• And more

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