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Get your skin winter ready.

The change of seasons can really cause our skin to freak out!!! So I have compiled 5 simple tips for you to implement into your daily routine!!! 1) SHORTEN YOUR SHOWERS: I know!!! Who doesn’t love a LONG HOT Shower!! Unfortunately it strips away your skins natural oils causing your skin to dry out.

2) EXFOLIATING MORE FREQUENTLY As the days get colder you’re skin gets dryer. Dry skin causes your oil glands to produce more oil, Causing the clog pores.

3) HYDRATE CONSTANTLY: To keep your skin happy and healthy you need to hydrate. As you’re loading up on that H2O don’t forget to purchase a decent good quality moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated during the cooler months. This will help from your skin drying out.

4) USE A GENTLE CLEANSER: cleansers are too harsh for the skin, And will remove the necessary oil’s from the skin that used as protection.So using a gentle cleanser your skin more dry out.

5) DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR LIPCARE: Your lips are the only skin that does not have oil glands or pores, aking them dry out faster in the winter months. Using a good quality moisturizer with no petroleum jelly is key to get you through the winter months. Hope these tips help get you through the season. Any questions please reach out. We are here to help with all your holistic skincare needs 603-365-8333

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