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10 easy ways to reduce stress

Even though Summer is here and our routines get more open a little bit more flexible it doesn’t stop stress from creeping in from time to time.  So, here are a few simple tips and tricks to keep you in the chill zone.

1) Start your day with a grateful heart, if you can, before you get up and those feet touch the floor, think of one thing you are grateful for.  If you can take it a step further write down 10 blessings on a piece of paper.

2) Before you reach for that cup of Joe, you really should re-hydrate with an 8 ounce glass of H2O, as we sleep, between perspiration and breathing we lose an estimated amount of 200 mL of fluids per eight hours of sleep.

3) Start your morning with a clear head. Doing a 10-15 minute meditations reduce anxiety, in Lou of our upcoming day it truly helps you get centered, helping you get clarity in maintaining focus.

4) Get moving! When your energy does not flow properly it lies dormant and get stacked leaving you feeling negative, foggy, chasing your tail. 30 minutes of exercise a day gets those endorphins flowing and glowing, gifting you with a burst of energy to take on your day.

5) Eat your greens! You heard your mama say “eat your veggies”. Trust me, she isn’t saying it for her health, it’s actually for yours. It’s loaded with important sources of nutrients our body needs. Potassium is for hydration,fiber to help get things moving along,vitamin C for immunity,it helps lower heart disease so eat up.

6) Give yourself or go get a facial, not only do you need to take care of the body on inside but topically it nourishes the skin from the outside in and it’s such a great di-stresser. 

7) Mani and pedicure’s work too, plus,that massage help circulate that blood flow.

8) Give yourself a hot oil hair treatment massage. Believe it or not sounds messy but it’s so relaxing and feeds and hydrates the scalp.

9)My favorite thing to take away my stress is a long hot bath with some herbal tea and relaxing music and then a good long nap LOL.

10) Last, but not least, sometimes diffusing your favorite scents like lavender or chamomile Yang Ylang or a custom blend to save those crazy nerves.

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