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REIKI and Bullying

As a kid growing up in the 70's bullying was just a way of life. You either bullied or you got bullied. Typically starting in your own home from family members trickling down to your friends or strangers. Unfortunately, you learned really quick how to stand up for yourself, or, perhaps continue the pattern onto the next victim. Half the time it didn't end well. You might have spent some time in detention, or being grounded at home, and the bully or accomplices continue to gang up on you just to make your life a living hell for ratting on them. Don't get me wrong not everybody is a bully, we certainly didn't have the the support or intervention as we do today, although, it is a great start, we still have a way to go. Unfortunately, some children encounter different experiences if they're being bullied. The impact of bullying can be life altering for a child. The scars of emotional wounds can carry into adulthood. Bullying is dated back since the beginning of time. However, REIKI offers a peaceful and positive approach to addressing this issue not only for the victim, for the bully as well.

When a child is bullied they show subtle changes in their behavior. They might start to withdraw, he or she might be over sensitive, crying at the drop of a hat or quick to anger, grades drop, lose interest in activities or act out at home. Bullying not only affects the child, but the whole entire family.

Reiki can play a positive role in helping your child. It is such a fabulous conduit for healing. The shift in energy is amazing. If your child is being bullied it really is beneficial to explore and be open to understand this amazing healing modality. Being a REIKI MASTER Teacher I highly suggest booking a session, educate yourself perhaps take a class and get acclimated with the healing energy. This is such a wonderful tool as much as it is a gift to share and aid in the healing process, after all children are the future. We as adults must set the example and provide the children with a positive solution and healing tools to empower them along their journey.

Now don't forget about the bully. We are sometimes perplexed why bullies act the way they do, nine times out of ten the bully has deep rooted emotional issue or challenges in his or her personal life, they are crying out for attention or has is pent up anger that they simply can't unload in a healthy way, so, they project onto the victim, it truly is a viscous cycle. Typical response is to punish or scold the bully leaving them right back where they started, empty, depleted, unsupported, frustrated and angry. This behavior will only continue into adulthood carrying out their act through passive aggressive behavior or even domestic violence. REIKI may help initiate compassion and offer a gentler way to be more mindful and recognition of their actions. A POWEFUL solution for bullying is for the child to learn REIKI. Children are super sensitive to the energy. REIKI is fun for the kiddos to learn, it gives them this special ability that they will be over the moon to use. It really is quite empowering for them it helps them set a positive intention for they day, it builds confidence, it teaches them to be kind to one another and be mindful of their actions. REIKI is a powerful tool that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

If you would like to inquire more info, set up a session or perhaps take a class contact me at

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