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Winter Special

A Moment in Time Spa Package hr 1.5   $130
Spa Londonderry

Holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. Let us help you take a moment in time to sit and relax, and recharge so you can sit and enjoy sometime for yourself and enjoy the holidays

it is an hour and 15 mins of rest and recharge.

package includes

- Rain Drop Therapy

- Vitaflex / Foot Reflexology with 9 essential oils to help aid in relaxation and wellness.

- upper body massage including effleurage and cupping on back

- Cranial sacral scalp massage

- warm steamy towel to aid in relaxation

LED light therapy to help heal and relax

REIKI to balance.

Complimentary BIO Mat session to relieve stiffness in joints, soothes aches and pains. helps relieve arthritis.

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