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Sale Ends at Midnight!

Hurry up and Save up to 50% on Holiday Spa and Self care Packages at THE HEALING TREE!

Choose from a variety of packages or custom create you own package, we can help.

Stay home this Black Friday!!! Click, Print and Save !!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the Christmas packages that are available for BLACK FRIDAY!! Guess what!?! You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. JUST POINT, CLICK, SHOP, SAVE!!! Print out your Gift Certificate and... BOOM!!! your done!!


Choose from a variety of packages or custom create you own package, we can help.


Price: Reg $199  

NOW $99.00

"Frosty's Winter Wonderland" Package Includes:

- Cryo Facial: A refreshing facial treatment using cryotherapy techniques to tighten and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you with a cool, glowing complexion.

A festive pedicure using eucalyptus and thieves essential oils to boost your immunity, followed by a relaxing foot massage.

A basic manicure with a twist, featuring a hand massage using a nourishing winter-themed lotion.


Reg Price: $150

NOW $75.00

This package includes:


~Compression Therapy

"The Grinch's Transformation" Package:

- Healing Tree Signature Facial: A customized facial using organic and natural products, tailored to your skin's needs, leaving you with a radiant and refreshed complexion.

- Reiki Energy Healing: A session of gentle energy healing to balance your body's energy centers and promote relaxation and well-being.

- Compression Therapy: A therapeutic treatment that uses air pressure to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.




NOW $75

Package includes

~Chamomile Facial

~Ginger Spice Pedicure

~Natural Manicure


With all the hustle and bustle Christmas brings, this is the perfect package to give someone who needs to be reminded that it’s a wonderful life. All they need to do sometimes is take a pause recharge and reconnect. 


Reg Price: $130

NOW $65

- Healing Package: 1 hour 15

30 Reiki

15 min Emotional Release

and  30 minAkashic Record Reading


Reg Price $130

Now $65

It's a Wonderful Wrap" Body Wrap:

A luxurious body wrap infused with holiday scents like cinnamon and vanilla to nourish your skin and relax your senses.


Price: $200

Now $100

The Ritual Includes
~Sinus Relief Facial
~Cinnamon & Cloves Body Treatment
~Ginger Spice Pedicure

This ritual is designed to take the chill out of you on a cold and blistering day, helping release aches and pains of the winter blues, cold or a bug, helping you rebuild your immune system.

The Sinus Relief Facial isn’t a typical facial although you will still have the same amazing skin products any facial offers with added benefits of a special massage technique to help dry out those sinuses.

Not your typical body treatment, cinnamon in cloves not only smells inviting, it’s known for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-infection qualities, making this a must have treatment during the cold and flu season. First, we start off dry brushing to help get your lymphatic system moving, after that a gentle cleanse to clean skin and a cinnamon and clove scrub is applied and absorbed into your pores not only making the skin soft but strengthen your immunity. Product is removed with a warm steamy towel. The massage oil with cloves is massaged gently in the skin then a cinnamon and honey mask is brushed on for hydration and you are wrapped up nice and cozy to relax and reset for 20 minutes,once your mask is over, warm steamy towels are laid up on the skin to remove the product and hydration moisturizer is applied. To end your moments of tranquility indulge in a Ginger Spice Pedicure. Ginger is a magical spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aids in digestion it’s perfect to help move things along so a simple soak toes clipped buffed scrubbed massaged and a moisturizer and polish is a way to end a warm and inviting treatment.

After service we recommend tons of water, and plenty of rest after treatment.

Not Recommended for People on Blood Thinning Medications (such as anticoagulants or anti-platelets)

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