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My Journey to Reiki

People always ask me, What is Reiki and How on earth did you come across this. Today, Reiki is becoming more and more a household word. For those who haven't heard, I would like to take the time to enlighten you on my journey in hopes to open your mind to the benefits of this amazing healing energy, how it can bring balance to you and your everyday life.

Let me start at the beginning. I was and eager 26 year old searching for something, thirsting for knowledge, questioning the complexities of life wanting more than just your typical 9-5 job. I was on a quest to find "The PERFECT profession" you know the one where you wake up everyday and LOVE what you do and make a living doing it. (not many people I know can say that) I wasn't about to settle for something less, so, at that moment my journey begin.

I knew it had to be something of a physical nature or working with my hands, for I could never sit still. I started looking and thinking.... " what though?" I could learn hair, nails, it allowed that creativity I so longed for... Although, I wasn't feeling it. I met with the Admin we got to talking she took one look at me and said " NO, I don't see you doing hair" I gave her a perplexed look, she quickly said " your an esthetician" I was like what is that??? still perplexed, she says skin care follow me, I will show you, we jetted upstairs to a room that was so peaceful, tranquil, the room was dim with just candles burning music flowing, literally, "THE NO STRESS ZONE" I felt goose bumps come over me!!! This was it, I found what I wanted and had been searching for..... so, I thought......

Half way through my classes we started to learn about holistic things. One day our teacher started talking about a reiki class she had taken and wanted to share with us. We started going over a brief history she had us work on each other. At first I was like I don't get it. Then I could feel something happening. I could feel this strange vibration and heat pulsating from my hands to the other person. It was hard to comprehend for you cant see the results you simply rely on your intuition. After that evening, I was hooked I wanted to know and understand about This so, called REIKI.

After graduating I met with a psychic/medium. During my reading reiki came up. I explained how intrigue I was and wanted to learn more. She told me she was a reiki master teacher and she would show me, that day I became a student once again. We spent the whole day on the in's and outs of reiki, we talked about chakras, the uses and benefits of it. She talked I just listened and had so many questions. Later that day she had me on the table to balance my CHAKRAS. During this session I could really feel that vibration I was talking about earlier along with a kaleidoscope of colors that danced around in my head. I could get lost in the energy for hours. I was so relaxed, it was amazing. After the session she brought me into another room for my attunement, the final part to achieve my REIKI I. The energy was swirling around me like a vortex it was such a surreal experience, one that I never will forget.

After my class I could feel a shift happen in my life. I practiced REIKI everyday. Life was moving forward in a positive way. Life happened REIKI slowly got put on the back burner.

Oct 3, 2011, I was rushed to the hospital. I was hemorrhaging. (literally bleeding to death) I was sent off to surgery to stop the bleeding. At that point I had Lost 4 pints of blood ( your body holds 12 pints ) I came to in recovery the Dr. said that I was lucky that I got to the hospital when did. If I didn't I probably would have bled out and died. ( I was literally feeling numb when he told me) later on in the hospital bed getting pumped up with only 2 pints of blood, I came to the realization I had what you call a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. Still not understanding what was going on. I heard a little voice inside me say "you are going to be fine" I kept thinking what???? then I would see the numbers 1111 through out my day ( in numerology is a light worker number) in other words someone who is a healer. My husband at the time came in to tell me the news from the Dr. saying It Looks 99.9% cervical cancer.... (Again I went NUMB) Again hearing the words in my head.... you are going to be fine...

My test results came back confirming stage 2 cervical cancer. My Life as I know it, has been changed forever. My world was crumbling around me. I kept thinking to myself " I am too young, I don't have time for this in my life!!!! I have 7 year old I am raising, a business, my friends, FAMILY. Why is this happening to ME!!!! Not to mention I didn't even understand about cancer and now I was being FORCED to go back to school.. CANCER COLLAGE!! Treatments soon began.

Trips to the Dr's everyday. Radiation, chemo, checkin's with my team. I was sooo tired.. I was not about to let this CANCER take me down with out a fight!!!!! I Started seeing a mentor for REIKI. I did REIKI everyday. I pushed through everyday. Every problem, worry, concern, was put into an imaginary basket and placed up on an invisible shelf, to be sorted through another day. First things first... I had tap into my inner warrior and fight CANCERS ASS!! I woke up everyday with REIKI, thought of something positive in my life. I imagined watching my son growing older and being there for him. I ate even when I didn't want to. I drank more water than I could handle. I pushed myself to work (that kept me going) I rested when I had chemo. I always did my best to put a smile on my face when people saw me. ( not many people knew the battle I was fighting) I did not want them to feel bad for me, for it made me feel bad for myself.

I saw myself as a survivor, because I am survivor. My Dr's were blown away on how fast I was healing. Today I am CANCER FREE. I am now a MASTER TEACHER I Bring REIKI into my life EVERYDAY. It is a part of who I am and a significant part of my healing from cancer. I hope my story helps you on your journey to be better than you were yesterday,for everyday truly is a gift.



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